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  • Spang Power Electronics

  • Hans von Mangoldt Reactors USA Office

    Low and Medium Voltage Reactors / Inductors. Mangoldt offers both custom and a standard line of products.
  • MTE Corp.

    MTE power quality solutions improve the reliability and performance of variable speed drive systems and minimize interference with other equipment. Products include industry-leading Matrix Harmonic Filters, Sine Wave Filters, dV/dT Filters, line/load reactors, surge protectors, dc link chokes,...
  • Hammond Power Solutions Inc.

    Hammond Power Solutions Inc. (HPS) is the leading North American manufacturer of energy efficient standard, custom and specialty dry-type power transformers, distribution transformers, control transformers, reactors, harmonic mitigating transformers and power quality products. With four plants...
  • TCI Automotive LLC

    KDR Optimized Drive Reactor: Prevents Nuisance Tripping from transient voltages, common mode noise (line notching) and phase imbalance - Limits expensive down-time - Reduces voltage spikes and harmonic current - Protects drives and other sensitive equipment
  • Sola/Hevi-Duty

  • Phoenix Electric Corp.

    Design, inspection, and manufacture of control products for power transmission and distribution, including air core reactors, custom switchgear, cable termination systems, etc.
  • Ram Industries, Inc.

  • Olsun Electrics Corp.