Products in the Electrical Distribution Marketplace

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  • Day-Brite Fluorescent By Philips Day-Brite

    From Air Handling, Architectural and LED Read More
  • Devicenet Flexing & Static Cordsets By Lapp USA

    These flexing molded cordsets offer Trunk(Thick) and Drop(Thin) connectivity in a DeviceNet™ application. Our flexing solutions offer the ability to connect in a motion system such as X,Y,Z motion equipment. The Static versions offer the same functionality as the flexing in terms of connectivity... Read More
  • DF-LED7750 By Dabmar Lighting

    We are pleased to announce the introduction of a 72w Large LED Flood Light. Our Model# DF-LED7750 is a great choice for parking lots, driveways, streets or anyplace that need a bright light output with a large area to cover. This fixture can be mounted on at traditional square pole with our 2”... Read More
  • Diesel Generator Sets By Cummins Inc.

    Diesel powered generator sets remain the number–one choice for standby and emergency power systems, worldwide. Able to start and assume load in less than 10 seconds, and rated load in a single step, Cummins diesel generator sets are the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable mechanical and... Read More
  • Digital Multimeters By Agilent Technologies Inc.

    Check out our large selection of industry leading Benchtop, System, Modular & Handheld Digital Multimeters. Agilent digital multimeters offer exceptional performance and reliability at a great price. Our Digital Multimeter (DMM) solutions have 4 to 8½ digit, digital displays and our Benchtop,... Read More
  • Digital Panel Meters By Panel Components & Systems (PC&S)

    PC&S offers a large inventory of digital panel meters with limitless applications for both AC and DC input parameters. These low-cost solutions provide you with a wide range of monitoring and control applications measuring volts, amps, process, strain. True RMS volt, amp and frequency units... Read More
  • Disconnect Switches By Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

    The safest way to switch power on and off in industrial control panels is with Mersen disconnect switches. Our extensive line includes UL 98 fusible and non-fusible switches, UL 508 switches, and our high-performance Surge Switch, designed to withstand the high surge current of today's transient... Read More
  • Ditch Witch RT45 Ride-On Trencher By Ditch Witch

    Features of the RT45 include a Tier 4i-compliant engine, improved air filtration, and new, easy-to-read gauges in the operator’s station. The RT45 offers a choice of attachments, including a centerline or dual-position trencher, vibratory plow, rotary saw, combination trencher/plow, and backhoe. Read More
  • Ditch Witch XT855 By Ditch Witch

    With the incredibily versatile and agile XT855 excavator-tool carrier, you can dig around corners, offset dig along fences and buildings, and deposit spoils anywhere within its unbeatable 260 degree swing arc. Read More
  • DLC Plus - Digital Line Conditioner By Smart Power Systems

    Digital Line Conditioner for POS Systems and Digital Copiers. Our series of digital line conditioners provide clean, computer-grade power by offering complete filtration of spikes, surges, and line noise to safe levels. The DLC Plus enhances uptime and protects your investment on equipment... Read More
  • Domed Posts By William Frick & Co

    Domed Post TM utility markers combine rugged construction with high-visibility colors. This domed post is manufactured from specially formulated UV-stabilized polyethylene to prevent fading and warping. Domed marker posts are available in a wide range of post and cap color combinations. Custom... Read More
  • DRLC703 By Air King Ventilation Products

    Round Exhaust Fan Series with Light The Round Fan/Light Series combines effective ventilation with a decorative round grill and a stylish, frosted ribbed glass light lens. The exhaust fan and light are able to be wired separately and the unit is easily installed using the included hanger... Read More
  • DryConn® Aqua Series Wire Connectors By King Innovation Inc

    King Innovation's DryConn® UL 486D Listed Aqua Series Wire Connectors are the first choice for electrical, outdoor and home improvement/DIY applications. Each connector is pre-filled with a dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens, making DryConn waterproof and corrosion proof to tightly... Read More
  • DryConn® Blue/Blue Low Voltage Wire Connector By King Innovation Inc

    King Innovation's DryConn® Blue/Blue Waterproof Connectors are waterproof and corrosion proof, designed for all underground low voltage applications. Pre-filled with a waterproofing dielectric sealant that never hardens, DryConn protects splices exposed to condensation, water, vapors or dust.... Read More
  • DryConn® DBT-600 and DBR/Y-600 Waterproof Wire Connectors By King Innovation Inc

    The DryConn® DBT-600 & DBR/Y-600 are direct bury silicone filled tubes with snap fit strain relief lids to waterproof splices in direct bury applications. The DBT-600 is a two part system, including a silicone filled tube and a tan wing connector. The DBR/Y-600 takes wire connections one step... Read More
  • DryConn® Direct Bury Wire Connectors By King Innovation Inc

    King Innovation's DryConn® Direct Bury Wire Connectors are accepted by Contractors everywhere as the best choice for direct bury installations and repairs. DryConn connectors are waterproof and corrosion proof, ideal for direct bury applications with no junction box required. Rated 600V, UL 486D... Read More
  • DryConn® Tan Low Voltage Wire Connector By King Innovation Inc

    King Innovation’s DryConn® Tan Low Voltage Waterproof Connectors are waterproof and corrosion proof wire connectors designed for all underground low voltage applications. Pre-filled with a waterproofing dielectric petroleum sealant that never hardens, DryConn protects splices exposed to... Read More
  • DSGAA/DSGAB/DSGAC Generator Sets By Cummins Inc.

    The DSGAA/DSGAB/DSGAC family of generator sets from Cummins Power Generation, rated at 100/125/150 kW respectively, provides reliable diesel-fueled standby power for many smaller and medium-size commercial applications, including offices and retail establishments. The DSGAA/B/C family accepts... Read More
  • Dump Bodies By Reading Truck Body, LLC

    Standard Duty Dump Bodies Available with Steel or Aluminum Drop Side Reading Dump Bodies are commonly used in the construction industry by contractors and excavators. Other dump body applications include nurseries, masonry, hauling, and many more. Dump bodies, as the name implies, are... Read More
  • DVI Digital Voltage Indicators By HD Electric Company

    HD Electric Company's Digital Voltage Indicators (DVI) are single point instruments designed to read the voltage on a conductor up to 500kV line-to-ground. The large LED readout is easy-to-read on the end of a long hotstick and can be used on overhead lines or in underground applications with an... Read More
  • DW3701 By Dabmar Lighting

    Dabmar Lighting has recently introduced a dual function wall fixture that can create amazing effects by down lighting and up lighting. Model # DW3701 uses two 20w Super Bright LED chips to create a crisp and clean light output that can outperform traditional light sources. Read More