Products in the Electrical Distribution Marketplace

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  • i3 Series Smoke Detectors By System Sensor

    i3 Series Smoke Detectors deliver intelligence, installation ease, and instant inspection for optimal performance and reduced costs. A plug-in design and Stop-Drop 'N Lock™ mounting simplify installation. Smoothing algorithms and intelligent drift compensation minimize nuisance alarms.... Read More
  • IGBT Inverters By Applied Power Systems, Inc.

    The APS SixPac™ Series inverters offer a complete, fully integrated solution for your output inverter requirements. Just add power and GO! Our standard and custom SixPac™ Series of advanced inverter power stages are available with all the features needed to get your project up and running... Read More
  • Illumination Control Fixture Whip By Engineered Products Co.

    Our Illumination Control Fixture Whip (ICFW) is an integral component for lighting systems using LED luminaires and integrated room controls in conjunction with a 0-10V luminaire control device for power, control, signage, and other applications operating at 120 – 277VAC. For LED or Fluorescent... Read More
  • Immersion Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow's immersion heaters are designed primarily for direct immersion in liquids such as water, oils, solvents and process solutions, molten materials as well as air and gases. By generating all the heat within the liquid or process, these heaters are virtually 100 percent energy efficient.... Read More
  • Indicators and Displays By Moore Industries International Inc.

    Take a process input signal from a temperature, pressure, level, or flow transmitter loop and view real-time process status in rugged and hazardous field environments. Read More
  • Industrial Knives and Blades By American Cutting Edge, a Div. of CB Manufacturing

    With some of the best inventory in North America for the most popular industrial knives and cutting razors, American Cutting Edge offers convenience, friendly & fast service with quality, precision industrial razors. Whether you need the ever popular Single Edge #9, Standard Utility blades for... Read More
  • Industrial Single Level Probes and Probe Holders By Lumenite Control Technology, Inc.

    Industrial probe assemblies consisting of NPT, flange or flat surface mounting. Typical simultaneous pressure/temperature ratings: 240PSI at 212 degrees F steam. Read More
  • Industrialeveline™ Conductivity Type Level Controls By Lumenite Control Technology, Inc.

    Industrialeveline™ mounted in standard Nema 4 waterproof, Nema4X polycarbonate waterproof, Nema 4X 304 S.S. enclosures for single and multi-level applications. These controls are customizable to your order of operations and are stand alone mount. Read More
  • Infrared LED Emitters By Marktech Optoelectronics

    Marktech has recently expanded infrared capabilities to well beyond the 870 and 940 wavelengths, which have been the most popular ranges for designs over recent years. Recent additions to the product line include 1300nm, 1550nm and 1720nm wavelengths. We offer one of the broadest wavelength... Read More
  • Insulated Electrician’s and Linesman’s Knives By Cementex Products, Inc.

    Individually tested to exceed ASTM Standards. Double layered orange over yellow insulation provides protection against electric shock. Rated and labeled with the 1000V industry symbol. Tough, tempered-steel blade provides maximum sharpness and durability. Rugged insulated handles provide a firm... Read More
  • Integrated DC Cart Solutions By Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    Storage Battery Systems can provide a complete or partial solution for portable power needs such as scanner carts, portable registers, wireless computing and mobile printing applications. By integrating the entire DC power solution unit reliability and component compatibility is enhanced, SBS... Read More
  • IntraPack Battery Cabinets By Critical Systems NW

    With IntraPack's IBC 2006 Seismic Certified cabinets and Racks you know you'll be protected and your batteries secure during a seismic event. Our battery cabinets have one of the tightest footprints available. A space saving footprint saves valuable equipment room floor space. Designed to... Read More
  • Inverters By Behlman Electronics, Inc.

    An inverter is a power device that transforms DC to AC (Direct Current into Alternating Current). A typical application would be to convert your available battery or DC power to AC to power sensitive electronic devices that require clean, low distortion sine wave inputs (i.e. microprocessor... Read More
  • IPS™ By SPI Lighting

    Constructed of recyclable steel, the IPS family is a fluorescent alternative to traditional HID high- and low-bay lighting. Fluorescent lumen packages, replacing traditional HID sources, provide a near 50 percent energy savings per fixture. Over the 20,000 hour projected life, IPS’s fluorescent... Read More
  • iSwitch By EMX Industries Inc.

    The new intelligent iSwitch touch design from EMX Industries (Cleveland, OH) is based on E Field Technology, internal circuitry creates a near field effect to detect the presence of a conductive mass - like a human hand or finger. The iSwitch •Detects the presence of an object and activates... Read More
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal's IT/data center infrastructure products include network server enclosures (wallmount or freestanding), server racks, UPSs, cooling systems, power distribution units, KVM consoles, cable management solutions, and system monitoring and security units. Its range of IT solutions can be... Read More