Products in the Electrical Distribution Marketplace

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  • Office UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply By Smart Power Systems

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for All Office Equipment The Office-TBF is a multi-device power protection solution ideally suited for computers, computer peripherals, internet, and multi-media applications. The Office-TBF is the first uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a Transformer... Read More
  • Oil & Gas Load Banks By ComRent International, LLC

    Many in the oil and gas industry benefit from load banks to commission and test cogeneration and backup power generation systems. Our load banks provide that value in the following ways: •Safely test extreme, real-world loads without risk to power plant’s critical systems •Commission gas... Read More
  • Oil-tight ATEX Stainless Steel Wallmount Enclosure By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal has designed this series of enclosures to provide oil-tight protection for a variety of applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries where ATEX requirements must be met. Dimensions: 600mm ( 23.6") X 380mm ( 15.0") X 210mm ( 8.3") Configuration: Foamed-in-place silicone... Read More
  • Okonite Armored Underground Signal Cables By The Okonite Company

    Okonite Armored Underground Signal Cables are designed for use in all vital railroad signal circuits where security of service and long life are required in all vital circuit and safety related applications. These cables are recommended for use where crush resistance, termite and rodent... Read More
  • Okonite® By The Okonite Company

    Okonite-Okolene 600V Duplex Track Wire is recommended for use in track circuits, signal operations, car retarder and switch machine applications. Can be installed in either wet or dry locations, in conduit trays or trough or buried direct. Specifications Conductor: Solid uncoated copper per... Read More
  • Okonite® TC Blue Tower and Case Wire By The Okonite Company

    Okonite Tower and Case Wire is recommended for use as relay and associated signal apparatus wiring and for connector wire use where a flexible, small diameter wire is required. Specifications Conductor: Uncoated stranded copper stranded per ASTM B-8. Insulation: Per ICEA S-95-658. Meets or... Read More
  • OmniPro II Home Automation & Control System By LEVITON

    The OmniPro II is HAI's flagship home control and security system. Out of HAI's Omni family of home control systems it has the largest feature set and can control the maximum number of devices. It is designed for large residences and commercial installations. OmniPro II is HAI's most... Read More
  • Omnistat2 Thermostat By LEVITON

    The Omnistat2 programmable communicating thermostat combines HAI's 20 plus years as a leader in energy management to provide sophisticated and intelligent function in an easy to use device. Omnistat2 can manage electric, gas, geothermal, and radiant heat energy sources. Using advanced digital... Read More
  • OmniTouch Touchscreens By LEVITON

    The OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreen is a colorful Touchscreen interface for either Omni family or Lumina family home control systems. It facilitates graphical control of security, HVAC, lighting, intercom, surveillance video, audio/video, and other home control functions via easy-to-recognize icons.... Read More
  • ONEAC ConditionOne® Series Power Conditioner (75-1000 VA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    The ONEAC ConditionOne® Series provides a high performance solution without battery backup. It has a built-in isolation transformer to eliminate electrical noise, ensuring attached equipment is unaffected by the electrical environment and does not degrade over time. Optional ONEGROUND®... Read More
  • ONEAC ON Series m Medical-Grade Power Conditioned UPS (300-600 VA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    ONEAC solutions are designed to protect the mission-critical applications found within a healthcare environment including, diagnostic imaging systems, clinical lab equipment, and healthcare IT systems. The ONEAC ON Series m Medical-Grade Power Conditioned UPS complies with IEC60601-1 standards... Read More
  • ONEAC ONePlus™ Series UPS (250-1000 VA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    An optimal power solution for business, the ONEAC ONePlus™ Series UPS features cost effective, line interactive operation with a noise reducing isolation transformer. The ONePlus series with ONEGROUND® technology to protect against ground skew problems, is the UPS of choice for supporting... Read More
  • ONEAC PCm Medical-Grade Power Conditioner (120-3000 VA) By Vertiv| ONEAC

    In medical applications, the need to protect critical electronic equipment and crucial data is second only to protecting patients. ONEAC medical-grade power conditioners provide clean power to the equipment in these demanding applications. Our Medical Grade PCm series, meets UL60601-1/... Read More
  • Operator Centers By Lectrus Corporation

    When you need to protect personnel as well as equipment, consider a Lectrus operator center, constructed specifically to protect your people and controls from noise, dust and inclement conditions. Traditional shelters may not be able to accommodate the variety of conditions and requirements that... Read More
  • ORB™ Remote Inventory Management By Bindicator

    The Bindicator ORB allows for access to inventory information and stored data from a remote location via the Interent. Multiple sites with multiple vessels can be monitored and managed. Reports can be run for silo inventory management, tracking and trends. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ORB supports... Read More
  • Outdoor Enclosures By Ronk Electrical Industries

    Ronk offers a line of inexpensive aluminum enclosures for the power supplier, industrial, and agricultural markets. These enclosures can be used to mount various electrical devices, terminals and other equipment where protection from the weather is desired. Ronk enclosures retain their clean,... Read More
  • Outdoor Lighting for Hospitality Businesses By Philips Lighting

    Philips manufacturers an extensive list of outdoor lighting equipment for hospitality industry applications, including pool and parking areas, such as: The MasterColor® Pulse Start ED231, which features ALTO® lamp technology, high energy savings and extra long life to reduce maintenance costs,... Read More
  • OUTDOOR PROTECTED By Legion Lighting Co. Inc.

    The VAPORTRON® Series 14 is an enclosed and gasketed weather resistant and corrosion free fiberglass unit having no exposed metal parts to corrode. ldeally suited for exterior applications where water vapor or high humidity are present. Suitable for use in Food Processing areas, Laboratories,... Read More