Products in the Electrical Distribution Marketplace

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  • TA-20 Tristand adapter By Associated Electric Products, Inc.

    Mount the TA-20 to your chain vise and your bandsaw will make consistent square cuts without the sparks, dust, smell and safety hazards. The saw remains portable since it can be snapped in or out of the bracket in less than 5 seconds. The one hand operation leaves the other hand free to control... Read More
  • TASK LIGHTS / WALL BRACKETS By Legion Lighting Co. Inc.

    Combining our long experience in the lighting industry with our knowledge of the exacting standards of the architectural and the electrical engineering professions, we have designed and manufactured the highest quality and most energy-efficient line of task lighting fixtures possible. These... Read More
  • Telecommunications Conduit By American Pipe & Plastics, Inc

    AMTEL – Telephone Conduit The AMTEL Telephone Conduit system is manufactured to Telecordia Specification CA08546 and NEMA TC10 and Commercial Grade. AMCOM – Communication Conduit The AMCOM Schedule 40 communications conduit comes in 10 and 20 foot lengths. RUS Listed. Our PVC Conduit has a... Read More
  • Telemecanique By REPCO Inc.

    Repco offers a comprehensive line of quality replacement electrical contacts for Telemecanique (Schneider) motor starters and contactors. Series supplied are: Old "Gould" Style, CN2 Series, and the LC1 Series. These contact sets, for Telemecanique (Schneider) motor starters, are normal stock... Read More
  • Temperature and Process Controllers By Watlow

    Watlow's temperature and process controllers offer easy-to-use, accurate and reliable solutions for applications requiring single and multiple loops of control. Temperature and process controllers include one or more sensor inputs with open-loop break detection and multiple outputs for... Read More
  • Temperature Sensors, Transmitters and Assemblies By Moore Industries International Inc.

    Take a weak, low-level RTD or thermocouple signal and convert it to a high-level analog signal more suitable for long-distance transmission through a noisy plant, and ready for direct interface with an indicator, recorder, PLC, DCS, or PC-based SCADA system. Read More
  • Tents & Shelters By Pelsue Company

    Our Tents are the Original Pop-up Tent How can we say that? Because the engineers at Pelsue invented the pop-up tent over 40 years ago. In that time, our tents have been used, tested and improved based on how they work in the field: from disaster relief to fiber-optic cable splicing to crew... Read More
  • Theben Digital Timing Controls By Lumenite Control Technology, Inc.

    Used for a while range of applications including generator control, office lighting, outdoor lighting, etc. Weekly, yearly and astronomical time switches. Computer programmable flash memory cards for programming multiple units. Read More
  • Thermocouples By Watlow

    Watlow provides over 85 years of manufacturing, research and product development for your temperature sensing needs. Watlow manufacturers a tremendous selection of general application, mineral insulated metal sheathed, base metal, high temperature, surface temperature and multipoint... Read More
  • Thermostat Cable, 18AWG, 2 Conductor, Solid BC, Sun Resistant, 500', Brown By Primus Cable

    18/2 Thermostat Wire Thermostat wire is a class 2 power-limited circuit cable for use in thermostat control applications. thermostat cables can be used for low voltage applications such as thermostat controls or HVAC equipment. They are available with a brown jacket for easy cable... Read More
  • ThoroLED LED Drivers, Lamps and Light Engines By Fulham Co., Inc.

    LED DRIVERS: Constant Current Drivers • Triac and 0-10V Dimming (select models) • Optimized System Efficiency • Single or Multiple Outputs for Greater Flexibility • High Efficiency • Low Temperature Performance (select models) • UL Class 2 • Compact Size • 50,000 Hour Service Life Constant... Read More
  • TIGER 400 HID™ Temporary Light By Engineered Products Co.

    Minimal relamping! Average rated lamp life for a Type-O Metal Halide Lamp is 10,000+ hours compared to 1,000 hours for a standard 100-watt Incandescent Lamp. Pre-wired for 120V operation. CWA Multi-tap Ballast can be easily re-configured for 208V, 240V or 277V applications. Read More
  • Titan Full Bodied Industrial Fluorescent High Bay Series By Atlas Lighting Products, Inc.

    T5 | T8 4 or 6 Lamp Full Bodied Fluorescent High Bay Benefits: Improved Light-Less Energy Utility Rebates/Tax Benefits Ease of Installation Construction: Available in Miro-4 or White Hinged Optics for Quick Ballast Access Quick Wire Access Panel Full Bodied 20 Gauge Housing Read More
  • TopTherm EMC Filter Fans/Exhausts By Rittal Corporation

    TopTherm filter fans' quick-fit technology enable them to easily snap into prepared mounting cutouts. Reversing the fan motors to change the airflow direction is just as easy. Power connections can be positioned as required for easy wiring and spring clamp terminals make power installation a... Read More
  • Transfer Switches By Romac

    Transfer switches can be electromechanical or solid state or “static” transfer switches. Here we are focused on electromechanical units. Transfer switches come in multiple types and configurations. The simplest type is a safety switch, often referred to as a double-throw (DT) safety switch. It... Read More
  • Transfer Switches By Cummins Inc.

    Cummins Power Generation offers several automatic transfer switch product lines for use in switching power between two services and with the needs of your application. PowerCommand® transfer switches round out the essential parts of a complete power system from Cummins Power Generation. These... Read More
  • Transformers By REX POWER MAGNETICS

    Dry Type Power Transformers; Cast Coil; Control; Machine Tool; Custom Voltages & KVA; Drive Isolation; K-Factor; Harmonic Mitigating; EMF & Electrostatic Shielding; Epoxy Encapsulated; Auto; Reactors; Inductors; Custom Cut Cores; Hazardous Location Installation; Marine Duty; Mini Power Centers;... Read More
  • Transit Cases By Ameripack Inc

    Ameripack is a manufacturer and distributor of rack mounted, transit and carrying cases. We specialize in custom foam and complete integration. We have over 6,000+ cases in stock in over 350+ sizes to select from. We offer free prototyping and design and our cases are COTS and meet a variety of... Read More
  • TransMax By Harmonics Limited, Inc.

    HL’s patented “clean” HSS™ technology can be implemented as a new or replacement transformer. • Immediate Energy Savings of up to 8%; a “sustaining” operating cost savings • Recover Wasted Electrical System Capacity • Elimination of Excess Heat in the Electrical System, lowers operating costs... Read More
  • TRA-SER SX By Trade Service

    Bidding and estimating can be a daunting task, having to find current prices for hundreds, if not thousands of items. TRA-SER SX is an online database of 2 million electrical parts from over 650 manufacturers with up-to-date pricing and accurate product information. You can import the data right... Read More
  • Tray Cable By Service Wire Co., Inc.

    Service Wire offers XHHW Tray Cable at VNTC levels on #8 AWG and larger. Read More
  • Tube Guards By Fluorolite Plastics Inc

    Tube Guards are an easy and economical choice in areas where lamp breakage and/or U.V. filtration is a concern. They simply slide over your existing bulbs to protect against shattered glass and control the release of toxins. Read More
  • TwinTite Torque Tool By WHEELER-REX

    For torquing both screws simultaneously. The TwinTite attaches to most 3/8" reversible cordless drills. Fits couplings 1 1/2" to 4". Individual torque settings allow each clamp screw to be tightened to correct torque specification. The torque is preset to 60in lbs. or 80in lbs. and can be... Read More
  • Type 1 Hinge Cover Junction/Pull Boxes By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal's Type 1 Hinge Cover Junction Boxes are designed for use as junction or pull boxes. These enclosures are ideal for indoor use to provide protection against contact with enclosed equipment where moisture and dust are not a problem. Read More
  • Type 3R 2-Door CT Cabinet Panel Enclosures By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal's 2 Door CT Cabinet Panel Enclosures are designed for use as a current transformer cabinet or panel enclosure and are ideal for outdoor use to provide protection against rain, sleet, and snow, or indoor use to protect against dripping water. Dimensions: 762mm ( 30.0") X 610mm ( 24.0") X... Read More