Products in the Electrical Distribution Marketplace

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  • V1k dv/dt Output Filter By TCI Automotive LLC

    Limits voltage spikes below 1,000 Volts and dv/dt to less than 1,000 V/µs for long lead applications - Greatly extends the life of the motor, transformer, and cable - Specific applications can reach 3,000 feet - 40% reduction in Common Mode Current Read More
  • Van Bodies By Reading Truck Body, LLC

    Aluminum and FRP Dry Freight and Cut-Away Van Bodies Rugged American van bodies by Reading are primarily used for transporting cargo that requires protection from the elements and must be kept secure. Applications for the Rugged American Dry Freight Van Body and Citi-Van products include... Read More
  • Vehicles / Trailers By Pelsue Company

    Pelsue vehicles have set the standard for mobile efficiency. Whether you are looking for a Power Trailer for manhole and underground maintenance, or a lightweight Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer for a traveling "clean room" Pelsue has a trailer or truck to meet your needs. Our vehicles feature... Read More
  • Venus Series - Uninterruptible Power Supply By Smart Power Systems

    The First Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Transformer Based Filter (TBF) in this price range. The Venus or SPV Series is the latest evolution in the popular series of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from Smart Power Systems. The Venus with Transformer-Based... Read More
  • Visible Emitters By Marktech Optoelectronics

    Marktech offers the broadest selection of high reliability packages and die within the visible light spectrum. For use in machine vision, sensor or illumination applications, our engineers can easily match both the emission and detection components to the application. In addition to packages... Read More
  • Voice & Data Network Maintenance Kit By Primus Cable

    Voice and Data Network Maintenance Kit This tool kit was designed for a wide range of electronic equipment and is very popular with service engineers. This kit will fulfill all your service requirement at an exceptional price. Contains: 256713A Tone Generator and Probe 251450/E... Read More
  • VRFII Series Point Level Control By Bindicator

    EASY INSTALLATION With universal power and easy calibration, the VRF II capacitance level sensor can be installed quickly and with ease. The unit can be either AC or DC powered and with insensitive polarity the wiring is less complex. EZ-CAL II permits the user to attach the VRF II bin level... Read More
  • V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector By HD Electric Company

    HD Electric Company's V-Watch® Personal Voltage Detectors detect the presence of electric fields surrounding electrical equipment. Compactly designed to be worn on the outside of clothing or other protective gear, V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors provide an extra level of safety for workers... Read More