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  • Ronk Electrical Industries

    Rotary Converters: The UL Listed ROTO-CON is an economical and dependable rotary phase converter that can operate a wide variety of equipment. Rotary phase converters’ flexibility in operating different loads make them an economical alternative to costly three-phase line extensions and their associated demand...
  • Applied Power Systems, Inc.

    APS designs and manufactures advanced high power electronic components, power controls and power systems, including IGBT Inverters, AC-DC Converters, AC Phase Controllers, Rectifier Bridges, Power Semiconductor Assemblies, Clamps, Heat Sinks, Gate Driver Boards for IGBT and SCR (Thyristor),...
  • Eylander Electric Inc

  • SYMCOM Inc

  • Falcon Electric, Inc.

    Falcon is renowned for its patented, high-grade, On-line UPS and Frequency Converters from 800VA to 6kVA. Tight +2% regulation. 47-63Hz input with 50/60Hz output. Operates on utility, DC or generator power. Used by the U.S. Airforce and U.S. Navy, etc.
  • Cedarberg Industries

  • ARCO Electric Products

    Roto-Phase converts single phase electricity to three phase used on any three phase application. Power Factor Correction Capacitors provides a means for customers to provide their own reactive power reducing costs from the utility.
  • Kay Industries Inc.

    Phasemaster Rotary Phase Converter: The Phasemaster rotary phase converter changes 230 or 460 volt, 1-phase service to an equivalent 3-phase output. It will efficiently operate any 3-phase equipment from an existing 1-phase supply and will provide years of trouble free service. The output of a Phasemaster converter is just like...
  • Phase-A-Matic™

    Phase-A-Matic, Inc. might possibly manufacture and distribute more Rotary and Static Phase Converters combined than any other manufacturer in the U.S.A., having earned a name for being of the highest quality and proven dependability, including in service, technical support and uptime that is...
  • Power Solutions Co.